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Exclusively for Members of:

The Oklahoma State Home Builders Association is pleased to offer this new Workforce Management services  program exclusively designed for its members.

We continuously strive to bring valuable services which will help your business to:

  • Increase revenues
  • Decrease expenses
  • Increase profitability 
  • Mitigate business risks
  • Improve operational efficiency

The program we have developed in collaboration with neon and Shield Screening positions your business for success, growth and profitability.  

This program features:

  • A complimentary, no obligation Workforce Management evaluation and consultation to assess current HR processes, compliance and other risk factors. 
  • A formal proposed recommendation. 
  • Preferred Association Pricing! Please mention offer code: OSHBA

About Us

Built-in profitability
Our workforce management system can pay for itself through built-in work opportunity tax credit technology
Transparent Pricing
Flat rate pricing for complete cost predictability and easy budgeting.
Human Connection
In an industry desperate for customer care we are providing the missing human connection.
Client Driven Leadership
Our decisions are driven by our customers not a board of executives.

neon Individual Services

neonHR - A robust application that transforms the complex tasks associated with HR into an efficient and seamless process.  

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What Sets Us Apart?

neonTime - Control labor costs, improve workforce productivity and minimize compliance risk.

neonPay - Revolutionize your current workforce processes and how your administrators manage Payroll.

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neonCredits - Earn up to $9,600 in tax credits for every new hire.

neonGrow - A simple Talent Acquisition and Applicant Tracking System. 

neonScreen - Search state, county and nationwide records of potential new hires. Screening services provided in partnership with:

neonScheduling - Schedule the right employee in the right place at the right time.


Hiring & Applicant Bundle


HR Management Bundle


Employee Pay Bundle


Integrated HR Solution

neon Bundles

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For nearly 20 years, we have created workforce management solutions that have served over 17,000 clients in 75,000 locations.

While our products and service lines serve a diverse set of needs and markets, they all were founded upon common values that have enabled their success. We believe people are smart – and deserving of technologies that respect their needs, and improve productivity and profitability, all while making daily tasks more enjoyable and compliant with government regulations.

We employ the best and the brightest, as we know technologies are only as valuable as the team that implements and supports them. We pride ourselves on our “first name” customer service with all of our brands and strongly consider our own workforce the cornerstone of our success.

All of your HR Processes Under One Single Platform

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