Why choose to partner with neon?


Both you and your clients receive direct access to a dedicated, knowledgable, Account Manager. We are not allergic to our phones.


Everyday over 30,000 people are being processed through a neon system. We have been in business for over 20 years. This is not our first rodeo.

Beat Your Competition

Expand your service offerings without an investment to outshine your competitors. We enjoy crushing your competition.

New Revenue

Generate new revenue streams at a minimal cost. We are all about your Benjamins. 

Our Partnership Programs

Referral Partnership Program

Introduce your clients to us, we handle it all.


Connected Partner Program

Offer your clients a co-branded solution to complement your products/services, with or without technology integration.

Smart Partner Program

Private label our proprietary technology and service. For one low flat rate you have the opportunity to expand your brand’s offerings – you will be provided with marketing materials, a dedicated CRM to handle your accounts as one of your own, and have pricing autonomy.

We are the authors of tomorrow’s HR technology

Our people understand the importance of the human connection.
This concept seems simple but it is setting us apart in a market desperate for customer care.